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The association of these two trades guide our achievements.

The ARCHITECT is looking for solutions adapted to his environment while respecting the place and the built fabric.

THE CABINETMAKER loves the material and the details.

These two complementary professions combine in the design and implementation of our projects. Wood is omnipresent both inside and outside of our creations. Respect for the environment must be a natural choice; we are committed in this direction, by the choice of materials and ecological construction methods.


Fields of expertise :

  • New construction residential or public projects, (minergie+p) 

  • Remodeling and renovation

  • Architecture competition

  • Works management


Since a young age Martin Dauner has had a passion for modern architecture. After completing his studies at the architectural institute Ecole Athenaeum in Lausanne, Switzerland, Martin went to work for several architectural firms before setting out on his own journey.

A side from Architecture, Martin has worked as a skipper and a ski acrobat for the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus.

He speaks German, French, English, Spanish

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